Day Two

Monday, April 3
For Bar and Restaurant Professionals

Topics include in-depth spirits analysis, legal issues for Chicago cocktail programs, a master class on garnishing, the art and science of successful menu design, and much more. Looking for a different kind of program? Take a look at our Day One schedule for consumers and home enthusiasts.

Session Block One:


Four Perspectives on Running a Successful Beverage Program

Paul Sauter (moderator)
USBG Chicago, President

Danny Shapiro
Scofflaw, Slippery Slope, Heavy Feather

Chase Bracamontes
The Publican

Alexis Tinoco
The Aviary

Our keynote discussion explores the ins and outs of running a beverage program with insights from our panel of experts, which includes a mixologist and bar manager, a sommelier, and a bar/restaurant owner. Q&A session will follow.

Sponsored By: Breakthru Beverage


Legal Issues for Chicago's Cocktail & Beverage Programs

Zubin Kammula
Siegel & Moses, P.C.

Bars and restaurants with advanced cocktail programs face a number of unique challenges in Chicago, not the least of which is operating within complicated, and often confusing, local liquor laws. In this seminar, Chicago attorney Zubin Kammula of Siegal & Moses dissects various rules and regulations, provides advice on maintaining a legal bar operation and what to do if one runs afoul of the law.

Sponsored By: Siegel & Moses, P.C.


Rye: An Exploration of Canadian & American Whiskies

Gina Fossitt
The Bon Vivants

Kyle McHugh
Samson & Surrey

Rye was the original luxury whisk(e)y of North America. Explore the production practices, regulations, and paralleled histories that make rye whiskies from both sides of the border in some ways so similar, yet each so unique. Taste and compare several different examples from both countries while we break down the wall of misconceptions and learn the simple truths of rye.

Sponsored By: Lot 40 and FEW Spirits

Session Block Two:


A Conversation with David Wondrich and Cristiana DeLucca

Erick Castro
Bartender At Large

David Wondrich
Author and Historian

Cristiana DeLucca
The Office, The Aviary

Join us for a live taping of "Bartender at Large", where host Erick Castro sits down for an intimate conversation with David Wondrich and Cristiana DeLucca.

Sponsored By: Lot 40


Origin Stories: Behind the Label

Ed Hamilton
Ministry of Rum

The Minister of Rum discusses spirit origins, NOM's, TTB labeling, the politics of distilling, and how distillery production methods have a surprising effect on bartender technique.

Sponsored By: Hamilton Rums


There's A Beer In My Cocktail

Will Duncan
Dusek's, Punch House, Moneygun

A beer cocktail can be a thing of beauty... if done right. Let us show you the way! Will Duncan and the Dusek's team know their way around beer and cocktails, and they've been combining the two since the heralded restaurant opened in 2013. At this entertaining (and thirst quenching) seminar, you'll sample a number of beer cocktails, discover surprising new combinations, and learn some history.

Sponsored By: Ballast Point

Session Block Three:


The Immortal Alchemist: A Narrative Exploration of the History of Bitters

Greg Buttera
Campari, Weatherby's Bitters

Greg Buttera of Campari and Weatherby's Bitters will tell you everything you've ever wanted to know about bitter liqueurs and concentrated bitters. Greg will guide you on a journey from prehistoric herbal medicine, through medieval alchemy and the dawn of the cocktail age, into modern production techniques and applications.

Sponsored By: Campari


American Rectified Whiskey: Pre-Prohibition and Today

Ryan Maybee
Manifesto, The Rieger

Phil Olson
Longman & Eagle

Monique Huston

Straight Bourbon Whiskey is King in America, and Straight Rye has been experiencing a boom over the past decade, but there are other classifications of American Whiskey, and the historic practice of "Rectification" is once again seeing the light of day and fueling innovation among producers. This seminar and tasting will dig into the history of these blends and explore modern practices that are giving today's Whiskey drinkers new options.

Sponsored By: J. Rieger & Co.


The Art of Garnishing

Julia Momose

An open discussion on that which we call garnish, from angles of purpose and development to execution and service. Practical training on the application of knife skills by utilizing ingredients that are readily available to the bartender and at-home cocktail maker.

Sponsored By: The Botanist

Session Block Four:


From Cupboards to Cocktails: The Spice Rack

Kyle Braggs

Monica Badlani

Chasity Marini
The Spice House

Cardamom, Cinnamon, Saffron, Turmeric, Ajwain... How do you masala? Take a journey with Monica Badlani of SomruS, Kyle Braggs of GreenRiver, and Chasity Marini of The Spice House as they explore how to integrate spices into your bar and beverage program.

Sponsored By: SomruS


Be Kind, Be Fast: High Volume Cocktails

Caitlin Laman
Mezcaleria Las Flores

With craft cocktails all the rage, successful bars need to speed up service without compromising quality. This seminar will teach you some well-practiced organizational and mechanical tricks to keep things moving quickly and efficiently behind the bar.

Sponsored By: Del Maguey


The Art and Science of the Cocktail Menu

Clint Rogers
Dogma Group

Johnny Costello
Woodford Reserve

Clint Rogers of Chicago-based hospitality agency The Dogma Group and legendary Chicago bartender Johnny Costello lead an interactive discussion on the current state of cocktail menus in the U.S. and abroad. Topics include: History of Menú de Hôtel, menus of the early cocktail movement and modern examples, and a step-by-step case study detailing the creation of a menu. Physical samples will be on hand for the discussion and a visual tour will be provided. Attendees will also be given access to digital menu documents for future reference.

Sponsored By: Woodford Reserve

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