Day One

Sunday, April 2
For Consumers and Home Enthusiasts

Sunday’s program is curated for consumers and home cocktail enthusiasts, although we've sprinkled in a number of sessions for the bar professional as well. There's a mix of beginner and intermediate level seminars and workshops. Topics include cocktail and spirits history, ingredient manipulation, tips for the home bartender, and a Chicago film premiere. Want more? Take a look at our Day Two program for bar and restaurant professionals.

Session Block One:


Chicago Cocktails and Bars of Old

David Wondrich
Author and Historian

Chicago, both in the American imagination and in its own, has always been a no-frills sort of place; a city with its sleeves rolled up, engaging in honest toil. Among other things, this idea meant that, back in the first golden age of the cocktail, around the turn of the last century, Chicago had a complicated relationship with the sort of fancy mixed drinking that was popular in flightier cities such as New York, San Francisco and New Orleans. And yet there were Chicago cocktails and Chicago cocktail bars and even a Chicago cocktail culture, as this informal, anecdotal and (it is to be hoped) educational talk will attempt to demonstrate.

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Blue, Bitter, Stirred

Jake Parrott
Haus Alpenz

There's more to aromatic cocktails than whiskey and gin! Explore the world of mixing excellent agave spirits (mostly "blue" agave) with vermouths and other apéritif wines (a little "bitter") in easy, intriguing cocktails (usually "stirred") in this hands-on workshop.

Sponsored By: Haus Alpenz


In the Bag: Tea, Cocktails & You

Marzi Pecen
Certified Tea Sommelier and Tea Specialist, Sensory Instructor

Thomas Mooneyham
Phillips Distilling

This session explores tea as a vital cocktail ingredient. Bartenders have been working with tea, most notably in punches, since before the cocktail even existed, and it remains a go-to ingredient in today's bars and kitchens. From black, green and herbal teas, to matcha, rooibos and yerba mate, tea can deliver big flavor and added complexity to modern cocktails.

Sponsored By: Prairie Organic Spirits

Session Block Two:


The Evolution of Kentucky Bourbon

Chris Tabor
Heaven Hill

Learn how modern-day Kentucky Bourbon came to be the spirit we all enjoy on it's own and in our cocktails. Taste through five different whiskies that each tell a brief story of our nation’s history.

Sponsored By: Heaven Hill

Guided Bus Tour

Diageo presents... The Chicago Prohibition Tour
12:00-3:30pm (Spans two session blocks)

Jon Knotek

Join Diageo for a guided bus tour of some of Chicago's most infamous watering holes. Historian Jon Knotek will curate the day with his unique look at the bars and stories of Chicago when the city went dry. Come prepared to learn and drink as each stop reveals both history and a cocktail menu prepared by Chicago's Dogma Group. Bus leaves from Logan Theatre promptly at noon and returns at 3pm. Space is very limited so we recommended signing up as soon as possible.

Sponsored By: Diageo


The Cocktail Party Primer

Will Duncan
Dusek's, Punch House, Moneygun

The only thing people love more than a party... is a party with delicious cocktails. Problem is, as a host, you need to make all those delicious cocktails. Well, fret no more! Will Duncan (Punch House, Dusek's, Moneygun, The Promontory) makes cocktails for huge groups all the time, and he's here to share his secrets. He'll tell you what to buy, where to save money, how to make your home operation more efficient by batching your ingredients, and share a few of his best cocktail recipes.

Sponsored By: Moët Hennessy


Film Screening: "Bartender At Large"

Erick Castro
Polite Provisions

Bartender at Large is a love letter to the art of bartending and the world of craft cocktails. It provides an examination into the modern cocktail renaissance, and allows you to experience it all through the lens of one bartender’s road trip. The trip itself takes viewers behind the scenes on a trek across the western U.S., from a speakeasy in Denver to a dive bar in Tucson to an elegant hotel bar in Santa Fe. In addition, the film highlights the perspectives of those benefiting by the cocktail’s recent boom—local farmers, small distillers, eager customers—but most importantly it showcases the one who puts it all the together; the bartender. This is a film, which tells a story that is every bit as intoxicating as the beverages it describes. (Total running time: 50 min.) Afterwards we'll host a Q&A session with Erick Castro.

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Session Block Three:


The Third Place

Lauren Viera (Moderator)
Writer & Journalist

Ed Marszewski
Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar, Lumpen, Co-Prosperity Sphere

Alicia Swiz
SlutTalk, Feminist Happy Hour

Ernest Wilkins

A panel discussion on the history and importance of bars as a social, political, and artistic center within communities.

Sponsored By: Whistler Records and Lumpen Radio WLPN


A Bartender’s Guide to Making Cocktails At Home

Julieta Campos
The Whistler

The Whistler's Beverage Director and head bartender Julieta Campos shares her secrets to making amazing cocktails at home. Learn about her go-to bottles and essential ingredients, tips on technique and her preferred bar tools, how and when to pre-batch cocktails, and other bartender secrets.

Sponsored By: Letherbee


Cocktail Methodology: Muddle the Mind!

David Gonsalves
The Violet Hour

In this interactive workshop The Violet Hour's David Gonsalves will share his cocktail knowledge of balance, core principals and ingredients. The crowd will call out ingredients from our seminar's 'back bar' and David will help create brand new cocktails while discussing methodology, classic constructs and when to (and not to) break the rules.

Sponsored By: David Nicholson 1843 Bourbon and El Mayor Tequila

Session Block Four:


"The Sporkful" Live with Dan Pashman, Peter Sagal, Kelly Hogan, and Charles Joly

Dan Pashman
The Sporkful

Peter Sagal
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me

Kelly Hogan

Charles Joly
Crafthouse Cocktails

Join host Dan Pashman for a live taping of The Sporkful podcast with special guest Peter Sagal of NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me. Peter will talk about how his mood affects his drink of choice, the role of the bartender as shrink, and more. Dan will also be talking with musician and long-time Hideout bartender Kelly Hogan, and very special guest Charles Joly of Crafthouse Cocktails. The Sporkful is the #1 food and drink podcast on iTunes; it's a show where Dan and his guests obsess about food to learn more about people.

Sponsored By: Sazerac and 1792 Bourbon


The Art and Science of Creating & Pairing Savory Cocktails

Jerald O'Kennard

Robert Bansberg
Kendall College

Laura Kruming

Everyone loves a properly prepared (and timed) Blood Mary, but what other pleasures can the world of savory cocktails afford? Culinary heavyweight Robert Bansberg joins director Jerald O'Kennard to explore approaches to, and applications of, savory cocktails—especially with food. You will learn the fundamentals of food and drink pairing principles for all alcoholic beverages and then dive into how to leverage salty, sour, umami, and sweet ingredients to create cocktails that may make better food pairings than wines or beers. Come hungry and thirsty for knowledge and of course scrumptious samples of savory solutions and snacks.

Sponsored By: Glenmorangie

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