So, where’s the Cocktail Summit?

2018 was a crazy year. Billy opened a new bar (Sleeping Village—go have a beer and say hi!) and Erik opened a new studio (Fool Proof—go to Minneapolis and say hi!). Unfortunately, that means the Summit had to take a back burner.

Ok, so what next?

We’re working on this now. Since things finally up and running with our other projects, we’d like to ease back into things over here. We’re pulling together plans for a smaller series of educational talks and demos to start. Please join our mailing list for updates.


Erik & Billy


It’s time to raise a glass to Chicago’s vibrant cocktail community—from behind-the-bar pros to home enthusiasts. The Cocktail Summit reflects the spirit of collaboration, respect, and enjoyment that infuses the city’s bar scene.

The 2016 event was a hit and we doubled our size in 2017. We'll be back this fall for our third year of showcasing leaders from the local and national beverage industry. Guests will soak up knowledge on a variety of topics including in-depth classic cocktail history and tips on running a successful beverage program.